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           Red Door Bangkok is born from the renovation of a t-shirts factory located in the heart of Bangkok, in Ding Daeng district.

           The founders, David DEIANA (Switzerland) and Benjamin MAURICE (France) are both graffiti artists since the 90's and collectors. They met in Bangkok in 2019, sharing their passion for art.

           They wanted to propose a different offer regarding to contemporary and street art scene in Bangkok. Their goal is to work with mainly Thai, but also Asian and Western artists. With a strong experience after a decade in Thailand, they built a truth worthy relationship with local artists and they used their connections with international artists.     

           The place is an art space mixing art gallery and studio on a 450sqm area. The factory's spirit is still alive because they kept the concrete floor and melted it with white walls, bricks, iron and glass.

Red Door Bangkok organized exhibitions every 2 months, mixing solo and groups shows with rising and confirmed famous artists.

          The size of the place allow to welcome international artists for residency and to support them for solo or groups shows.

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