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Born in 1995 in Rouen, Chloé Kelly Miller lives and works in Paris. His practice began in 2018, in parallel with his studies in psychology and oriented towards psychoanalysis. His work is part of often automatic mechanisms that promote the liberation and exploration of the unconscious. 
Photographs, acrylics, graffiti, inks, oil pastels or drawings thus compose the different facets of the artist's work. The portrait occupies a preponderant place, and pursues by a spontaneous and eruptive work the revelation shared through the image, or the sensations latent to the experience of oneself and of otherness.
Attentive to the personal trajectories of artists like Dali, Basquiat, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Keith Haring, Patti Smith or Mapplethorpe, Chloé Kelly Miller revisits an artistic pantheon whose technique she suspends and constantly re-examines the heritage. 
Neo-expressionism is one of the most enriching artistic movements for the artist. Archaism shakes up and questions what is most primary, most profound. It is in the wake of these artists that Chloé Kelly Miller in turn tries to capture the elusive, an obscure and nebulous reality, a clean and personal truth. 


Thésée Vs Minotaur
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