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The Gallery is a 450 sqm area, benefiting of a 50m length of white and bricks walls on a 4 to 5.5m height. During the day, the place is well lighted by natural light from glazed roof tiles.

At night, a first system with neon light is lighting the place in a studio mode like the daylight, and another system with spots lights transform it as a gallery.

Some areas in height are painted in white to be used as screens and allow short movies and digital art projections.


Every 2 months, exhibitions will be organized for 3 to 4 running days with a public opening. Rest of the time, the gallery will be open only by appointment.


The studio is compound of an open space and 2 offices.

The open space is a 250 sqm area with a 5.5 m height. It allows to paint, to spray, to sculpt or to photo shoot. The white walls allows also to shoot for video clips, advertising or movies.

The space can be rented per day or weeks, don't hesitate to contact us for further informations or a quotation at

Our first office is dedicated to the fields of Light-architecture, Light-Design (industrial and semi-industrial), engineering, and for large-scale monumental installations featured in many major exhibitions. This office is managed by Matteo Messervy, a world recognized designer. Born in France, brought up in sun-drenched Central-America and Spain, his multi-cultural background has certainly shaped and sharpened Matteo Messervy’s capacity in understanding and transforming extremely diverse types of environments to serve a creative vision that is devoted to the well-being of people.

Our second office is dedicated to NFT, 3D print, animation, AR, VR and illustrations.

This office is leaded by Matthew Foley (Marvel studios, Google, Facebook,..). Over 20 years Matthew Foley has been apart of teams creating games, films, broadcast, print, and art installations. Webbies, Clio, Auggie, an Emmy are some of the awards these teams have pulled in from their collective efforts. He will love to hear from you about your project and how he might be able to help.


RED DOOR BANGKOK is equipped with one of the best screen printer to make tailor made prints for artists or editions.

A large range of colors and hi-quality papers are available to fit original sketches, don't hesitate to contact us for further informations or a quotation at


The shop will provide a selection of limited and exclusive products.

You will find :

- Prints

- T-shirts

- Customized sneakers

- Boards

- Toys


The bar is open for every exhibitions or for private events.

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